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Anna's Sketch Card Sets

Cartoon Sketch Art
Art & Images of Xena
Complete Avengers
Godzilla: King of the Monsters
LOTR Evolution
LOTR Masterpieces
Movie Posters
Robots: The Movie
Scooby Doo! Monsters and Mysteries
Thunderbirds: The Movie
The Three Stooges
The Wizard of Oz
Commissioned Sketches

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This new web site was required so I could share my forever growing trading card collection. I plan on using this site for the card sets that have sketch cards. I'll be updating this site frequently as I add to my collection, so check back often!

Cartoon Sketch Art
Breygent Marketing - June 4, 2010


Vintage Celebrity Movie Posters
Breygent Marketing - Februray 27, 2008


The Complete Avengers: 1963-Present
Rittenhouse Archives - November 2006


Lord of the Rings Masterpieces
Topps - October 2006


Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Comic Images - October 2006


The Wizard of Oz
Breygent Marketing - June 2006


Lord of the Rings Evolution
Topps - February 2006


The Three Stooges
Breygent Marketing - November 2005


Robots: The Movie
Inkworks - April 2005


Art & Images of Xena: Warrior Princess
Rittenhouse Archives - October 2004


Thunderbirds: The Movie
Cards Inc. - 2004


Scooby Doo Mysteries and Monsters
Inkworks - 2003


Latest Updates:

Added on 06/16/11
- Xena Arts & Images DA7 Raimi/O'Connor Dual Auto

Added on 07/10/10
- Cartoon Sketch Art page

Added on 04/18/09
- Scooby Doo Mysteries and Monsters set

Added on 10/09/08
- Vertigo by John Czop

Added on 09/22/08
- It's A Wonderful Life by Jon Ocampo

Added on 09/11/08
- Bordertown by Leah Mangue

Added on 09/05/08
- Jezebel by Kevin Graham

Added on 08/20/08
- Singing in the Rain by Scott Houseman

Added on 08/16/08
- Breakfast at Tiffany's by Leah Mangue

Added on 07/29/08
- Casablanca by Scott Houseman

Added on 05/28/08
- Celebrity Vintage Movie Posters Set

Added on 04/12/08
- Robots Big Weld by Michael Kraiger

Added on 03/13/08
- Godzilla MOGERA by Bob Eggleton

Added on 02/19/08
- WOZ Dorothy Incentive by Cat Staggs

Added on 02/05/08
- WOZ WWP Wagon Wheel

Added on 12/04/07
- SK-10 Warren Martineck #275/300 - Jack Hammer
- SK-10 Warren Martineck #279/300 - Jack Hammer

Added on 09/21/07
- Godzilla & King Ghidorah by Gary Fields
- Godzilla & Kumonga by Matt Harris
- Godzilla & MechaGodzilla by Robert O'Brien

Added on 05/30/07
- Xena by Emir Ribeiro
- Mecha-King Ghidorah by Matt Harris
- King Caesar by Robert O'Brien
- Godzilla & Minya by Robert O'Brien

Please let me know what you think of my collection and site!

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